Original Hog Wild

hogwild9Ready to dine on some very fine swine? Come into Hog Wild BBQ, and eat your fill with us!

Go Hog Wild!

Craving the best BBQ in the Chicagoland area? Looking to sink your teeth into mouthwatering meat? Then you’ve come to the right place!

At Hog Wild, we’re a family-owned, no-nonsense restaurant serving up the best barbeque for more than 20 years. From our world-famous pork chops and enormous ribs racks, to our award-winning sauce, and heaps of sides – we make everything in-house and so fresh you’ll swear your grandma was in the kitchen. Season after season, patrons come from all over to enjoy our entrees and get the ambiance, service, and authentic experience they know they won’t find anywhere else.

So come on in and enjoy the comfortable, old-neighborhood feel of Hog Wild BBQ! We’ll be waiting to make you some great food, fast.